Where To Look For A Way To Finance Your Needs?

Where To Look For A Way To Finance Your Needs? Loan Do you want to apply for a bank loan? Attentive to privacy and insurance

Do you want to apply for a bank loan? Attentive to privacy and insurance

Ask your loan at the bank

Ask your loan at the bank

Have you ever thought of asking for a loan at the bank? Well, then get ready for war: not only to get the necessary liquidity, but also to avoid being cheated. It is possible to apply to a bank to request the transfer of the fifth or a personal loan, in any case, read all the contractual documents well and find out about the regulations in force. There are multiple cases of irregularities in financial products and Antelcash has sent complaints to the Bank of Italy, AGCM, Andess and the Guarantor of Privacy.

But what are the “flaws” reported by Antelcash? A survey conducted on a sample of 280 branches of banks, finance companies and post offices in 9 Italian cities showed that not only getting a loan is difficult, but it is also easy to be duped, for example with regard to privacy data or insurance on credit. Comparing the best Peter Matthew online is the most effective solution to access the most convenient financing and at the same time to find out about the contractual conditions.

Antelcash has released a list of bank “flaws” and in the first place there is the failed delivery to the customer of the so-called Secci module. This document serves to contain all the most important information on the loan and consumers should compare it with that of other financial companies to choose the most convenient product. Obviously the banks have no interest in this happening and therefore they often “forget” to hand it over.

In second place among the most widespread “flaws” there is the request for unnecessary personal information such as income data in the pre-contractual phase. The bank asks for this data to investigate our creditworthiness, but in this way it discourages the customer from turning more branches and often leads to a loan that is not paid. Antelcash has shown that, even with a fixed salary of 1,500 euros, getting a loan is not a walk.

Finally, Antelcash’s great warning is: attention to loan insurance policies. First of all, these insurances are not compulsory and secondly it is not obligatory to stipulate them at the same bank to which the loan was requested. Even the norm requires that the credit institution present to the client two other insurance quotes to make a comparison. Do you think this happens? On the contrary, in most cases, without a policy, the loan is not obtained.

So always open eyes with the banks and the Peter Matthew, the best way to protect yourself is to compare offers online and learn about the regulations in force.

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