2022 New Product Tour Winner Announcement


A friendly gut health supplement that helps pigs right from the start, even when intake is limited, has been voted winner of National Hog Farmer’s 2022 New Product Tour. Advanced Ag Products LLC’s PS By-O-reg+ Concentrate earned the most votes to win the Producer’s Choice Award today at the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa.

After new rules and regulations, Advanced Ag Products LLC took its high-quality granular ingredient feed product, By-O-reg+ (National Hog Farmer’s New Product 2016 winner) and adapted it to a water-soluble form. water and able to go through a medicated for the swine industry. By-O-reg+ PS Concentrate uses high quality ingredients along with their CF20 coating technology, which is not only all-natural but protects essential oils, allowing for targeted release in the small intestine.

“By-O-reg+ PS Concentrate combats health issues, promotes animal performance and minimizes stress during the various phases of the production cycle,” said Michelle Caldwell, Marketing Manager for Advanced Agricultural Products. “The product helps to maximize pig flow, minimize feed costs and reduce non-productive days, all while helping to create a healthier, heavier and more efficient animal.”

The new product tour was showcased at the Global Pork Industry Virtual Conference on May 25. A panel of pork industry experts reviewed the products, keeping in mind the benefits of each for producers and the industry. The respective company representatives then presented a two-minute video or sales pitch to the judging panel, after which the judges asked questions about the product in the style of television’s “Shark Tank.”

Online voting for Producers Choice took place at the National Hog Farmer site, as well as at the National Hog Farmer Booth during the 2022 World Pork Expo in Des Moines.

To see entries and presentations from this year’s New Product Tour, grab the contest here. To be part of the 2023 New Product Tour, contact Kristin Bakker via E-mail.


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