7bet fined in Lithuania for gambling promotions – Legal and compliance


The Lithuanian Gambling Supervisory Authority has fined 7bet operator Amber Gaming €6,789 (£5,775/$7,058) for breaching national laws introduced last year regarding the promotion of gambling.

A Commission investigation found that on October 13 and November 4, 2021, as well as February 4 this year, Amber Gaming posted content on its website that the regulator said encouraged consumers to gamble.

The Commission has highlighted a number of statements that could be considered promotion and content intended to entice players to play with the operator’s 7bet brand.

These statements included “Online Casino: Free Spins and Casino Bonuses” and “For those who want a greater sense of excitement, 7bet offers live, real-time casino games. This gives you even more chances to win”.

Ruling on the case, the Commission said the information published was “intended to draw attention to the company, its offering, and to persuade and encourage people to participate in the company’s games”.

This, the regulator said, was seen as encouraging participation in the games and therefore breached the country’s Ali Article 10(19).

It was established that the information published was intended to draw attention to the company, its offer, to persuade and encourage people to participate in the company’s games, which is considered to encourage participation in the games, by therefore the company violated the requirements of Article 10 (19).

Amber Gaming has also been warned that similar violations or failure to remove any promotional content could lead to suspension of the operator’s license in the country.

The operator has the possibility to appeal the decision.

The ban on the promotion of gambling in Lithuania entered into force on July 1, 2021, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Lithuanian Gambling Commission.

First announced in May last year after a vote in the country’s parliament, the ban covers “the promotion of gambling in any form and by any means, the dissemination of information or persuasion”.

Although gambling advertising is always permitted, promotional methods such as special events, test games, discounts, gifts, bonuses, or anything that induces gambling in any way are prohibited. .

Any information related to games on websites targeting under 18s will not be permitted to be published.


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