BT launches new digital advertising platform to help businesses grow online



BT today launched a new digital advertising platform to make it easier for businesses to manage their own digital marketing campaigns, helping them better promote their products and services online.

BT’s Digital Marketing Hub gives businesses the tools and support to create, publish and measure their digital advertising on Google, Facebook and Instagram, all from a single platform.

With the majority of companies moving online during the pandemic, a recent survey by Small Business Britain, in partnership with BT, found that 74% of small businesses have increased their use of social media to promote their business online. 43% of those surveyed said they used e-commerce more, while 30% had increased their use of paid advertising on social media.

But while small businesses recognize the importance of using social media to reach more customers online, 40% of the UK’s 5.9 million SMEs (2.4 million) do not use paid advertising on digital media. This lack of adoption risks holding back a significant proportion of UK small businesses from growth as the economy seeks to recover from Covid.

Developed with feedback from over 1,500 companies, BT’s Digital Marketing Hub was designed to help those who often lack the time, resources, confidence or skills to launch or boost their own digital advertising campaigns. From independent marketers and small businesses looking to take their first steps into digital advertising, to large businesses looking to optimize big-budget display, social or search campaigns, the Digital Marketing Hub provides an all-in-one solution.

Businesses can create advertisements and launch multi-channel marketing campaigns while all results feed into a single analytical dashboard. With artificial intelligence (AI) running in the background, businesses can get automatic recommendations on the best keywords, ad copy, and media spend to include in their campaigns, helping to ensure maximum return on investment. To support small businesses without their own website, the Digital Marketing Hub also offers the option of creating a bespoke web page to direct potential customers to.

55% of small businesses say digital marketing is the area they need help with the most. BT has therefore also assembled a new team of digital advertising experts to provide an optional managed service. This is available as part of a fully managed pay-as-you-go service with “Essential” or “Premium” options. The managed service options range from assistance with configuration by an expert to the total outsourcing of a digital strategy, bBusinesses can increase and decrease their level of support as they wish.

The platform is billed to companies via a service fees, which are applied to each campaign on a pay-as-you-go basis and vary depending on the level of service chosen by the customer. This allows companies to access all the tools on the platform, with no minimum contract duration.

Chris Sims, Managing Director of BT for its SoHo unit (Single / Small Office, Home Office), said: “This is a pivotal time for small businesses across the country after a few very difficult years. Small businesses are the backbone of the UK economy, so it’s essential that they are equipped with the digital tools and support they need to help their business reach new heights. They can reach a much larger audience using the power of digital advertising, but many lack the time, money, and confidence to do so effectively. Our new Digital Marketing Hub was designed to give small businesses the confidence that their online advertising campaigns are reaching the right customers, in the right place, at the right time.

Dr Ava Eagle, CEO and Founder of The Mango Girl, said: “I have always had a passion for creating things. This is why I started making skincare products by hand and why I started The Mango Girl company in 2019. We all use natural and ethical ingredients. and buy your products. The support from the BT Digital Marketing Hub has been tremendous. The team helped me create a series of search, display, and Facebook ads that helped me identify the right audiences and optimize activity to ensure I got the best. back on my budget.

BT takes a phased approach to platform development, with features including AI optimization capabilities and e-commerce functionality scheduled for release in the coming months, with more to come the rest of the year.

Starting today, customers can express interest in receiving a call from one of BT’s dedicated team of digital marketing experts to help them choose the level of service that’s right for their business. company and launch their advertising.


Notes to Editors:

Business testimonials

Grace Osborne, Founder of Natural Grace London, said:

“As a track athlete passionate about sustainability, the founding of Natural Grace enabled me to create high performance sportswear while tackling the pressing problem of ocean plastic. The BT Digital Marketing Hub really helps streamline a vital part of the business. I can monitor and make changes to my ads online without having to switch between platforms. It’s really easy to use and gave us some valuable information.

Mike Southern, director and co-founder of Stage-ed, said:

“We are working in partnership with schools to introduce theater as part of the learning process. We have traditionally worked with schools across London, but thanks to the Digital Marketing Hub we are reaching a whole new audience across the UK. The BT service was a game-changer – it’s easy to use, it’s flexible, and opened my eyes to new areas where we can advertise. We have been involved in the process from the start – the BT team is expert in business optimization and it has been a real learning curve. Our campaign turned inquiries into conversions and that, to us, is gold dust. “

According to the IAB report: Powering Up: Helping UK PME unlock the value of digital advertising – June 2020

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