Bucks Lawmaker Proposes “Made in PA” Logo to Boost Local Economy


NEWTOWN, PA – State Representative Perry Warren (D-Bucks) today announced on Manufacturing Day that he has introduced his “Made in PA” bill in an effort to stimulate the economy of Pennsylvania by promoting state-made products to consumers.

The bill is part of the PA Preferred program, which was designed for Pennsylvanians so they can find and support local farm businesses and buy their produce.

The 1930 House Bill would create a “Made in PA” logo for manufacturing companies to place on their product so consumers who wish to support PA-based businesses would know what to buy. The bill will also create a broader “Made in PA” program through the Department of Economic and Community Development.

“Pennsylvanians want to support Pennsylvania businesses and their friends, family and neighbors who work for them,” Warren said in a press release.

Newtown-based Warren said the bill would benefit consumers, employers and employees statewide while boosting local and national economies.

“This bill would help promote these companies that employ more than 500,000 people in the manufacturing of products and provide jobs and goods right here in Pennsylvania.”

The bill would create, through the new program, a publicly searchable website for people to find products and businesses made by PA statewide.


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