Chef Kelsey Murphy talks about the new MasterChef x Grubhub promotion


If you have already watched Chef and thought “I really wish I could try this food”, you’re finally going to get your chance thanks to a new partnership between the show and Grubhub.

Starting Wednesday, June 1, residents of 20 different cities can order unique dishes from MasterChef Table, a delivery-only restaurant concept available only on Grubhub. You just have to go to the Grubhub app or the website and check out all the dishes.

The 11 dishes were created by Chef former students Kelsey Murphy, Dorian Hunter, Gerron Hunt and Michael Silverstein.

And if you’re in New York, you can enter to win one of the chef-inspired meals plus a master waiter and a real table. To participate, simply order one of the new MasterChef Table meals and use the promo code TABLE when placing your order.

Our interview with MasterChef’s Kelsey Murphy on the new Grubhub promotion and more

We had the chance to speak to Chef Kelsey Murphy about this new promotion as well as how Chef changed her cooking and what she has to come in the future.

GE: Hey Kelsey! Let’s talk about this new promotion first!

Chief Kelsey Murphy: The whole MasterChef and Grubhub thing is so exciting. It’s been brewing for a long time. We are excited to finally launch it and distribute food to everyone in the country, I think people will love this idea behind it. So it’s just fun, and I think, an idea that’s been a long time coming just because so many people watch Master Chef and for 11 seasons, almost 12, they see our food and they never taste it, and eventually we’re gonna let everyone know.

GE: Exactly! Can you tell us a bit about what you contributed to it? Like what food did you create for the menu?

Chief Kelsey Murphy: Yeah, so I have two main dishes on the menu. The first is a hot honey chicken sandwich. There’s maple bacon with cayenne pepper on it and fried chicken with a drizzle of warm honey on it, then like creamy jalapeno and cilantro coleslaw with a ton of spicy mayonnaise. It’s like the gluttonous chicken sandwich of all chicken sandwiches. It is so good!

And then my second is an elote style dish with shrimp skewers on top. It’s deconstructed with a big bowl of corn and delicious mayo and lime zest and cayenne pepper, paprika, then spicy shrimp skewers on top. It’s great for the summer. It’s going to be such a crowd pleaser. Light but still fulfilling.

Grubhub MasterChef filming with Kelsey Kapral in New York, NY, Wednesday, October 20, 2021.
(Images Yuan for Grubhub)

GE: What inspired you to make these specific dishes?

Chief Kelsey Murphy: So we had a lot of freedom in creating these dishes, which was fun. So I thought “what would I like to eat?” and a smear of elote is like my favorite thought in the world and who doesn’t love a great chicken sandwich? They are so hot right now.

And basically how do I put my Chef turn on it? How do I elevate this so it’s not just something they could order anywhere?

We really want to show our personalities and our flavors so that they [the customers] in fact, they feel like they’re getting our food and feeling us in the kitchen cooking for them, even though they know we’re not cooking it.

Grubhub MasterChef filming with Kelsey Kapral in New York, NY, Wednesday, October 20, 2021.
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GE: Speaking of MasterChef, has it changed the way you cook? Would you say it made it better or changed what you cook?

Chief Kelsey Murphy: Oh yeah, absolutely. It really gave me a lot more freedom and confidence in the kitchen. Even when I was on Chefevery episode the judges will be like “that was amazing! We would serve that in our restaurant! and part of you is like “you’re full of it. You wouldn’t do that! great private dinners and really upscale private dinners for people, the more I trust myself and I’m like “wow, I’m really really good at this”.

It gave me a lot more freedom to start cooking and doing really cool things and just experimenting more.

GE: OK, let’s talk about the cookbook! I’m so excited about this!

Chief Kelsey Murphy: Yes, I’m so excited about the cookbook! The book is going to be the cookbook that teaches you not to use cookbooks. So there’s going to be a lot about this whole revolution of intuitive cooking [that’s] pass.

The first half will be based on technique; teach you how to make things like bechamel sauce or how to cook eggs properly. Just basic things that are questions I get all the time.

And then the second half is going to be recipes based on what we learned in the first half, incorporating all of those things. And the recipes are going to be specifically written to give the reader a lot of freedom in how they make it and what’s in it.

It’s kind of a way to hold people by the hand so they have more freedom in the kitchen and teach them that they don’t have to be so attached to a specific recipe. And it’s scary for people learning to cook or even [people] who have been cooking for a while.

GE: Is it more salty than sweet or both?

Chief Kelsey Murphy: It will be a bit of both. And even the desserts, I’m going to teach people to have a little more freedom with their desserts too, which is difficult.

But yeah, I’m excited about it. I think this is a really needed book. And it’s supposed to be a kind of book that you can sit down and read and enjoy reading. I add a lot of fun and personality, a lot of stories. And that’s something you can really learn from but also have a lot of fun with.

GE: And do you have a release date for the cookbook or not yet?

Chief Kelsey Murphy: Not yet, but it will be like spring 2023.

Grubhub MasterChef filming with Kelsey Kapral in New York, NY, Wednesday, October 20, 2021.
(Images Yuan for Grubhub)

GE: You were a physical therapist before that, right? How was this move? Was it difficult or did you feel like this is where you are meant to be?

Chief Kelsey Murphy: Yeah, I really felt like this was where I was meant to be. In fact, I was just saying about it this morning when I was getting ready, I was like “oh, normally I would have prepped and treated all of my patients” and it just didn’t give me the energy that I feel innately right now. I’m so excited about what I do and so passionate. And every time I start telling people about it, I feel good and other people feel it too. I feel totally at home.

GE: Now let’s talk about the studio kitchen. You built this. How did that happen ?

Chief Kelsey Murphy: [motions to the kitchen behind her] It’s not that. It explodes. So I’m going to build an entire kitchen for home and studio in two separate types of areas. I’m really excited about this! That’s my ultimate goal: to focus more on more video content for everyone, show people recipes, show people recipes from the book when it comes out, and be able to show a lot of those techniques. I can not wait! We will have some really nice chef devices that I got from the show.

GE: And last question: what are you doing for your family at the moment? For example, what is your favorite thing to do for them right now?

Chief Kelsey Murphy: All I try to film that day is what my children eat!

Honestly, it’s kind of a fun part. That’s all I have in the house at this time. My husband will come home and say “What is this? We’ve never had this before” and I’m just like “eat it! try it. He will try new things. I start experimenting more. My kids still only eat macaroni and cheese and hot dogs. So, I always eat multiple meals throughout the day. But most chefs do that.

This is the number one question I get: “Do your children eat everything?” and I’m like no they eat all these things [macaroni and cheese and hot dogs] too.


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