Delhi court grants bail to Mohammed Zubair


Highlights from Delhi News (July 15): Five bodies were recovered by firefighters after the wall of a godown under construction in the Alipur area outside Delhi collapsed shortly after noon on Friday. Delhi Fire Service (DFS) personnel said around 15 people were injured while several others feared they were trapped under the debris. The DFS said it received a call around 12:40 p.m. about a collapse in the Bakoli area of ​​Alipur. Four firefighters were then dispatched to the site.

Hearing a petition filed by a 25-year-old unmarried woman for the termination of around 24 weeks of pregnancy, the Delhi High Court on Friday asked her not to abort the fetus and instead give birth to it and then to give him up for adoption. The court said dismissal at this point would practically amount to killing the child.

To increase efficiency and streamline work, the Delhi Traffic Police has divided its staff into teams to review traffic regulations, enforcement and prosecutions, officials said on Thursday. To this end, 450 body cameras and 700 bicycles were handed over to the prosecution and enforcement unit to help them catch people speeding, not wearing seat belts and other similar offences. The cameras are attached to the uniform and are mandatory for traffic personnel in accordance with ministry guidelines, police said.

Meanwhile, the Delhi government celebrated “Happiness Utsav” on Thursday marking the fourth anniversary of its happiness program for schools. “The happiness classes have brought about a radical change in the mindset of the students. Through the Utsav of Happiness, we will teach hundreds of thousands of Delhiites to live happy lives. The Happiness Program has had a tremendous run over the past four years. Students are more and more focused on studies and children are no longer stressed,” Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said.


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