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Apple’s new iPhone 13 Pro will allow developers to use varying refresh rates with the 120Hz ProMotion display feature according to its updated developer documentation.

The ProMotion display feature has been around on the iPad Pro since 2017. For the first time, the feature debuted on the iPhone with the iPhone 13 Pro released yesterday (after a lot of trolling). This spec increase increases the maximum refresh rate to 120Hz, an improvement over the 60Hz available on most phones. A higher refresh rate means less motion blur and significantly clearer picture quality. This makes viewing and scanning content smoother and smoother.

At first, there were reports that Apple could block developers from taking advantage of this feature, capping some third-party apps on the iPhone 13 Pro at 60Hz. But now the company has told developers they will be able to take advantage of it. iPhone 13 ProMotion display, disclosing how to do it.

Apple iPhone 13 ProMotion display

In an update to the “Core Animation framework developer” documentation on the Apple website, a new entry has been created to detail how the feature can be used. The new page was titled “Optimizing ProMotion Refresh Rates for iPhone 13 Pro and iPad Pro” and explained that developers can take advantage of CADisplayLink to specify the timing of an animation. According to the documentation, the iPhone 13 Pro ProMotion is more flexible than its iPad Pro counterpart. The iPad Pro currently runs at 120Hz, 60Hz, 40Hz, 30Hz, and 24Hz. The iPhone 13 Pro ProMotion, on the other hand, can also use 80Hz, 48Hz, 20Hz, 16Hz, 15Hz. , 12 Hz and 10 Hz.

This could mean that developers can take advantage of lower frame rates for battery saving features. The implementation of a high frame rate is not user-friendly, but it can be implemented in cases where a refresh rate of 80 to 120 Hz will be most appreciated. An example would be in games, for example. It makes sense to have a game using a higher refresh rate, thanks to ProMotion technology. Meanwhile, smaller, lighter apps that aren’t particularly visually appealing may benefit from lower refresh rates. Apple will also automatically manage refresh rates, as they already do with the iPad Pro.

Apple has confirmed that using variable refresh rates with iPhone 13 ProMotion technology is not yet possible because there are issues with some animations. However, the company has announced that a fix is ​​on the way. Due to this catch, however, animations are still limited to 60Hz at this time.


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