Dozens of JetBlue flights canceled, delayed again this weekend at Boston’s Logan Airport



Customers are experiencing the same issues they encountered last weekend.

Stephan Savoia / AP, File

The problems plaguing JetBlue flights to and from Boston last weekend apparently have not been resolved.

Many passengers traveling to and from Boston on Saturday and Sunday experienced delays and cancellations.

According to flight tracking site FlightAware JetBlue canceled 54 flights (21%) to or from Boston on Saturday. Nearly half of their flights to or from Boston, or 117 flights, were delayed.

No other major US airline had cancellations to or from Boston on Saturday, and the number of delays was miniscule.

Delays and cancellations continued on Sunday. As of 6:00 p.m., JetBlue had canceled 49 flights (17%) to or from Boston and delayed 77 flights (27%) to or from Boston.

There were only a handful of cancellations and delays to or from Boston on Sunday among other major US airlines.

Of all the airlines tracked by Flight Aware globally, JetBlue had the third and fourth largest cancellations and delays on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. No other major US airline has experienced as many delays or cancellations as JetBlue.

In a statement to, JetBlue cited inclement weather, East Coast air traffic control delays and staff shortages as reasons for the delays and cancellations.

“Despite hiring more than 3,000 new crew members already this year, like many companies, we remain understaffed, and these disruptions are exacerbating an already difficult staffing situation,” JetBlue wrote in a statement.

The airline said it would adjust its flight schedules for the rest of the month and said it expects the rest of the month to be “difficult”.

JetBlue said it will also reduce the number of flights it offers throughout the summer to combat current issues.

“We sincerely apologize to our customers for these disruptions, and we endeavor to cancel flights in advance whenever possible so that they have time to adjust their plans and do not need to report to the airport,” JetBlue wrote.


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