FILA HK website devoid of Angus Ng’s outfit, HKBA seeks new jersey for athletes


The controversy over the jerseys worn by Hong Kong badminton players continues.

Facing criticism of the jersey provided to Angus Ng earlier, FILA Hong Kong has now removed the outfit from its site after netizens flocked to its Facebook page to leave angry comments. The problem started when Jacky Fung, researcher and director of the Center for Educational Policy Research at the Hong Kong Policy Research Institute, said the FILA-sponsored jersey that featured the Hong Kong flag worn by Ng had adopted an older design. in 1990 instead of the flag as stipulated by the Ordinance on the regional flag and regional emblem.

INTERACTIVE-MARKETING contacted the company for details.

Meanwhile, the Hong Kong Badminton Association (HKBA) admitted that two other athlete jerseys also had the old version of the Hong Kong flag. As such, the HKBA is now on the lookout for new outfits for the players ahead of today’s game (July 30), media reported.

According to ON.CC, the Hong Kong Badminton Association admitted that Jordan Tang Chun-man and Tse Ying-suet’s jerseys also contained the wrong flag. The media also claimed that the Hong Kong Badminton Association will contact sponsor YONEX to donate new outfits to Tang and Tse for today’s game.

According to the Regional Flag and Regional Emblem Ordinance, the Hong Kong flag, regional emblem or their designs which are damaged, soiled, discolored or inferior in quality, must not be displayed or used. However, the ordinance also stated that: “The copy of the regional flag or regional emblem, which is not an exact copy but which so closely resembles the regional flag or regional emblem as it suggests. that the copy in question is the regional flag or regional emblem is considered the regional flag or regional emblem for the purposes of this Ordinance.

The jersey conundrum was the talk of the town in Hong Kong, first making headlines for Ng’s black-colored outfit worn in a match earlier this week.

This prompted educator Nicholas Muk to attack Ng’s choice of jersey, stating: “I strongly condemn Ng for wearing a black shirt without the Hong Kong SAR flag while representing Hong Kong!” Please opt out of the game if you do not wish to represent Hong Kong, China. However, Muk’s page was deleted soon after. Since then, Muk has apologized for his inability to weigh his words as he was too emotional.

Photo courtesy: Jordan Chan’s Instagram

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