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Hello Streetsblog Chicago supporters,

These are hopeful and exciting times in Chicago as – knocking on wood – the COVID-19 pandemic finally appears to be over and life is gradually returning to relative normalcy. This includes local public transport, which is slowly regaining ridership, in part thanks to fare cuts and creative marketing programs by transit agencies. For example, it will be interesting to see what effect CTA’s plan to permanently lower pass prices and eliminate the 25-cent transfer fee will have on returning passengers to trains and buses.

On the other hand, car trips have increased at a much faster rate. For example, the amount of downtown street-level parking use hit a whopping 160% of pre-pandemic rates earlier this fall. Considering that fatal traffic accidents in Chicago increased by 45% last year, while driving levels were much lower, it is crucial for our city to be more proactive to prevent this trend. dangerous towards greater auto addiction to reach levels of carmageddon.

As such, Streetsblog Chicago’s work for safer, more efficient, fairer and more vibrant streets will be more important than ever in the coming year. This is why I am asking again for your help to raise $ 50,000 in smaller grants, ad sales, corporate sponsorships and tax-deductible donations from readers. We are currently in the running for another major grant which, with this $ 50,000, would allow us to operate at full capacity next year. It would be great if we could wrap up the campaign by New Year’s Day so that all donors can enjoy the tax benefits of year-end donations, although we will extend the commute if necessary.

Your donation will help support Streetsblog Chicago’s talented roster of employees and freelancers. Co-editor Courtney Cobbs is a strong advocate for reallocating space on the streets to prioritize walking, cycling and transit as a strategy to improve safety and equity and fight change climate. SBC co-founder Steven Vance is currently focused on running his excellent real estate news and data website. Chicago cityscape, but he still works for us a few hours a week providing technical support and editorial advice. We are also in the process of recruiting a reporter from Latin American communities and will likely announce the hiring later this month.

Our freelancers include Cameron Bolton, Richard Day, Amber Drea, Sharon Hoyer, Imelda March, Mia Park, James Porter, Igor Studenkov and David Zegeye. It’s great to have such a strong group of journalists associated with the site.

Streetsblog writers Igor Studenkov, Richard Day, James Porter, John Greenfield, Courtney Cobbs and Mia Park at last month's Outdoor Readers' Gathering.
Streetsblog writers Igor Studenkov, Richard Day, James Porter, John Greenfield, Courtney Cobbs, Amber Drea and Mia Park at last month’s Outdoor Readers’ Meet.

Here are some of Streetsblog Chicago’s advocacy efforts over the past year.

Here are a few topics that we plan to cover in the near future.

  • What caused the unusually long waits for CTA buses and trains in recent months?
  • How do we get the CPD to finally end its zero-tolerance bicycle ticketing practice as a flawed anti-violence strategy in communities of color?
  • What will it take for Chicago to catch up with comparable cities like New York when it comes to creating a vast network of bus lanes equipped with cameras?

As a community funded media, we rely on sponsors, advertisers and readers like you to help us continue to do this important work. If you enjoy Streetsblog Chicago’s cover, please consider donating today.. Thank you for your continued support!

– John Greenfield, co-editor



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