Internal marketing and advertising in the metaverse

  • The metaverse is getting a big boost from Facebook, Microsoft, and other tech giants.
  • Marketers are scrambling to play in these virtual spaces, with NFTs, game integrations, and more.
  • Here’s a breakdown of Insider’s coverage on how marketing shapes the metaverse and the key people you need to know.

The “metaverse” recently got a big boost from Facebook’s parent company Meta, which is investing $10 billion in its ambitions there. Other big tech companies, including Apple, Google and Microsoft, are working on their versions of the concept.

The term vague refers to a variety of shared spaces and assets that people can access over the Internet, sometimes using virtual reality and augmented reality devices, and interact with each other and purchase virtual goods.

But Facebook itself says the payoff won’t be immediate, and senior executives have very different expectations of what the metaverse means for them.

Here’s a breakdown of Insider’s coverage on how marketing shapes the metaverse and the key people you need to know.

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Here’s what 14 top leaders are saying about the “metaverse”

Ad makers say they join these 5 online communities to catch up on the metaverse. Some groups are free, while a Telegram channel actually costs over $60,000 to join.

Meta just made its first major metaverse pitch to advertisers. Here’s what those in attendance had to say.

Metaverse game, VR, crypto, NFT

Businesses of all stripes are rushing to enter the metaverse, whether it’s building experiences there, engaging in games, or buying NFTs using crypto.

Here’s a look at how they mix up the Metaverse and Web3; opportunities for creators, Hollywood, and more; and risks.

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Intellectual property could “disappear” in the metaverse, according to a renowned trademark lawyer. Experts detail what brands can do to protect their intellectual property in Web3 environments.

An influencer marketing firm has written a report on how the metaverse will affect the creator economy. Here are 5 takeaways.

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Experts, professions in the metaverse

Interest in the metaverse drives corporate hiring and the creation of new industries.

Agencies like Vayner Media and Roblox rely heavily on the metaverse, while startups like Curio raise funds on the promise of NFT platforms.

Here’s an overview of people and companies to know and tips for getting hired.

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The metaverse drives investment

Companies are raising millions on the promise to help build the metaverse. Here’s a sampling of the ways investors are driving growth in the space.

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