Namibia: Luhonono road open to traffic


The much anticipated N $ 600 million Namalubi-Isize-Luhonono road construction has been completed and is now open to traffic. The road project, which connects Luhonono to Katima Mulilo, began in 2015 with the aim of connecting flood-prone areas that were constantly cut off from government services during floods and rainy seasons.

“We are delighted to be now at 97% completion. We are in the process of putting the finishing touches and, by the end of October, we intend to officially open. The project was one of the difficult projects given that it is the first project to be built in a flood zone, ”said the Director General (CEO) of the Roads Authority, Conrad Lutombi.

He warned motorists to avoid speeding because the road is still new.

“In our experience, every time we open a road to traffic, we always have victims in terms of road accidents.

“Therefore, it is important that we advise road users and motorists that on this road there are a number of animals. It is therefore important that drivers take precautionary measures not to speed up, but to respect the speed limit authorized in the country ”, warned Lutombi.

The 52 km road was built by the Namibian company Nexus Civils. The first phase of the Namalubi project in Isize was completed in 2019 and was opened to traffic.

“It was quite a difficult project, but we are happy to have completed it within the approved budget. It is an expensive project, and it never happened before or after independence. We really thank our government for making such an investment has enabled us to contribute to the social aspiration of the population, in particular those who live along this road, “he added.

The road will not only provide accessibility for the residents of Luhonono, but will also provide access to all of the eastern floodplains in Kabbe North and South constituencies, and also allow easier access to neighboring Zambia.

As for the road to Impalila Island, Lutombi revealed that the contractor is already there, and has started with the establishment of the site as well as the route of the road. They are also busy designing the road from Nakabolelwa to Kasika.

“The intention is to connect Impalila Island to the rest of Namibia via Kasika. So our next project is to move to Nakabolelwa and Kasika, connecting this part. And now that we have experience in the construction in the flood plains because this side was difficult due to the proximity of the Zambezi river, we think that in terms of alignment it is more on the highlands ”, continued the CEO.

Kabbe North constituency councilor Bernard Sisamu could not hide his enthusiasm, saying the road will help bring much needed development to residents of Kabbe’s two constituencies.

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