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The New Zealand traffic management equipment company uses Pollin8 analysis devices and software with Thinxtra 0G network to address costly asset loss and theft issues.

New Zealand traffic management equipment company PB Traffic uses IoT technology from Pollin8 and Thinxtra to maintain road safety and optimize traffic flow at infrastructure development sites with real-time tracking that prevents theft and loss of assets.

Founded in 2009, Peter Berghaus New Zealand (PB Traffic) provides traffic management equipment and portable traffic signals for roads, major infrastructure projects and specialist operations. The company owns and operates 110 portable traffic light systems, each valued at over NZ$20,000. These have been deployed for the Puhoi to Warkworth Expressway (NX2), Clevedon Water, Kaikoura SH1 reconstruction and other major infrastructure projects.

Historically, PB Traffic lost an average of two traffic light systems per year, with some disappearing while others were stolen by individuals attempting to profit from reselling the internal batteries. To reduce the risk of recurring financial losses of around $60,000 per year – and threats to driver safety when lights are not present to control traffic – the company turned to real-time asset tracking technology from Pollin8 and Thinxtra.

Akshay Gupte, Managing Director of PB Traffic, said:
“As well as being a lost asset, roads without functioning traffic lights create huge safety risks. heavy traffic jams that cause stress for drivers and pedestrians.

“So we needed a tracking system to give us full monitoring of our traffic light systems no matter where they are and the ability to understand if they are working as expected. With IoT devices and software from Pollin8 and Thinxtra’s 0G network, we have a cost-effective and efficient solution that goes beyond the standard capabilities of GPS tracking.

PB Traffic has installed Pollin8’s battery-powered devices across its fleet of traffic lights, which record and transmit data in real time. Information is communicated over Thinxtra’s nationwide 0G network and viewed through Pollin8’s comprehensive web and mobile applications.

“Our team can now view traffic conditions from our headquarters to understand how the lights are operating at each location, as well as the benefit of adjusting the timing of traffic light changes to avoid traffic jams and accidents,” said Gupte.

In two cases where PB Traffic’s lights were stolen, the company worked with local authorities to locate and recover the systems in real time before they could be resold. Although the traffic lights lost power, Pollin8’s tracking devices, with a battery life of up to five years, continued to provide location data as they operate independently.

Nick Pickering, CEO of Pollin8, said:
“As a provider of traffic management solutions, PB Traffic has an incredible responsibility for the safety of everyone impacted by its systems. By taking the guesswork out of asset management with our IoT devices and nationwide connectivity from Thinxtra, the organization can focus on proactively managing theft and optimizing traffic flow, making road works safer with less hassle. impact on commuters.

Nicholas Lambrou, CEO of Thinxtra, said:
“PB Traffic provides critical safety assets for some of New Zealand’s most important infrastructure development and construction projects. Using real-time tracking powered by the Internet of Things, PB Traffic has created an invaluable safety net that not only ensures its traffic light systems are in the right places and operating as intended, but keeps workers safe. , drivers and pedestrians during their journeys. .”


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