Planners fend off concerns over ‘traffic nightmare’ at Outer Harbor concert site | The music


“This breakdown was then applied to the simulation tool, where it was added to an average of the peak period traffic counts already traveling on the surrounding roads,” Guarino said. “It was determined through this analysis that when amphitheater event-based traffic accesses the Buffalo Outer Harbor over a two-hour period, there is little or no impact on congestion or delay of vehicles.

Although post-concert conditions were not analyzed in the travel demand model, Guarino said the late-night rush to disperse could lead to some congestion, particularly in parking lots.

“As the 3,000 vehicles access the outer harbor in a short period of time, congestion will begin to manifest at vehicle conflict points,” he said. “Once traffic disperses in different directions at Fuhrman Boulevard intersections, however, departing traffic will have little impact on surrounding roads and operations.”

This theory is set to be put to the test on the May 29 T-Pain show. The last time he was there, for a 2016 free concert at Canalside, 25,000 people showed up.

A rendering of the pavilion on the outer harbour.

Image courtesy of Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp.

Ranalli said last summer’s Rick Ross show “was a great test and went reasonably well”, in terms of traffic flow. The five to seven shows planned for this summer will allow further testing of the model, he said.


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