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Let’s make the historic right decision that our entire community and visitors will benefit from for generations by keeping the FH-FCL site open for public use rather than on a periodic, private event-driven basis.

We could organize a city-wide public meeting to develop public-private partnerships to include tourism organizations / businesses that will work together to maintain this site “for the common good”,

Imagine visitors from around the world to a revamped FH-FCL site that leads people to the businesses and destinations that make La Crosse the place to be. They can be sent to local places that generate income and jobs, and through exhibits learn about (1) the great Mississippi River for its rich history in the La Crosse area, (2) the uniqueness of the area Driftless, (3) the richness of culture and history. of the Ho-Chunk Nation, and (4) significant national and international contributions made by FH-FCL staff.

Think of visitors arriving on Viking River Cruise’s new ships or event-goers at the newly renovated Center La Crosse who crave knowledge and have a place in Riverside Park to get that information.

This site could become a destination along the Great River Road which has just celebrated its new All-American Road status. Many other Mississippi River communities have such focal points along its shores, but not La Crosse, the largest city along the Wisconsin Mississippi River Parkway Commission (WIMRPC).

WIMRPC is working on efforts to develop tourism throughout its part of the MRPC corridor, and this site could be the key to attracting major tourism to downtown La Crosse.

Rosalie “Roz” Schnick

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