Ten things I wish I had known when I started “Agents Of Mayhem”



There aren’t many new things coming in August, the silence before the holiday stormy weather, but one that you might want to take a look at is Agents of chaos creators of row of saints.

I wrote my in-depth review of the game yesterday, and although my opinion was mixed, I liked it more than I didn’t like it, and I imagine a lot of people might end up having fun with it. I’m not sure it’s worth $ 60 up front here, but once it’s reduced a bit? Absoutely.

As I do with all the games that I have preview access to, I’ll give you some tips if you’re new to Agents of chaos, so you can learn from my mistakes, or be reassured, things will get better later (although some things get worse).

Here are ten things I wish I knew when I started Agents of chaos.


1. The first three agents are among the worst in the game

With a list of twelve heroes, a few are bound to be generic. But it’s such a shame that the game presents you with three of the most boring ones like your first trio, Hollywood, Hardtack, and Fortune. Hollywood, who has an assault rifle with a grenade launcher, and Hardtack, who has a low-powered shotgun and harpoon as their special move, are not representative of how the rest of these characters can be fun. and creative. The strength of Agents of chaos is in its agents, so make it your priority all the agent unlocks the missions you can right away in order to expand the list. Some of my favorites were Oni (a hitman with a silent gun), Yeti (with a Mr. Freeze ice cannon), and Scheherazade (a true ninja). Believe me when I say you shouldn’t judge the game by these first three heroes, although once you get more upgrades for them they become a little a little better, especially Fortune.

2. The only thing you need to know about “team-building”

Honestly, while you’re supposed to balance different heroes to maximize their strengths and weaknesses, there are just a few key points to keep in mind. You should have at least one tank, Braddock, Daisy, Red Card, Yeti, etc, because the squishy heroes in this game are really spongy and can die in the blink of an eye. And in your team you need at least one shield crusher and one armor crusher, because cutting them otherwise is a big pain. The other perks that heroes have, instant hack, bonus damage to captains or weakened enemies, are nice bonuses, but really not required. Get everyone to level ten as soon as you can, then just about anyone will be able to detonate shields or armor as an unlocked passive.


3. Never drive a civilian car for any reason.

While you technically can drive any car in the game trust me when i saw you are never going to want to do this. Use your ability to summon your own Agent Car (on the D-pad) and use it exclusively. While your agent car controls pretty well, civilian cars are like molasses. There are side missions that get you into civilian cars and take them to drop points while being assaulted by Legion cars. Don’t do them. They’re terrible (the physics of car crashes in this game is awful) and the rewards just aren’t worth it. Just stay with your own car, preferably something that runs smoothly.

4. The most important base upgrade you can get is …

These “base” upgrades are used to help you in the game, and as you unlock more heroes and level them up, you will unlock higher levels. Most important of the whole group is the level 14 upgrade which allows your traded heroes to regain health faster. You will be always swap your heroes to heal, and without it, they’ll do it painfully slowly. Of all, I found investing in this one to be the most worthwhile within a mile.


5. The second most important base upgrade you can get is …

It’s a tie. Three of the first four level 6 upgrades are all essential. The ability to search for treasure chests (and long-range scanning) is huge to collect money, materials, skins, and blueprints throughout the game, and you should always be scanning and looking for these things. It is also necessary to reduce the cooldown of your dashboard, as the game feels like it’s broken without it. This upgrade makes it available almost instantly in many cases. Hourly income is pretty good because of how often you’ll hang on to money-generating positions, which brings me to …

6. No, your progress is not erased, it’s not a bug, it’s a feature (very stupid)

I guess you will meet the same as I did with Agents of chaos, and think that the towers and money / ammo generators you supported are lost over time due to some kind of bug. This is not a bug. I asked Volition about this and they said it was a deliberate design decision that they would take a captured enemy base away from you every time you visit the Ark to encourage “stay on the map” and give to the world. “A feeling of struggle”. It’s more than silly and against all well-established standards in open world gaming, but just know that it happens. I would continue to take over enemy bases when you can as they are a good source of cash, XP, and loot, but I wouldn’t bother trying to run four cash generators as you will all lose quickly.


7. Gadgets and schematics will prioritize your active list

I enjoy the way smart booty works Agents of chaos, as the Lair / Mission rewards of gadgets and blueprints used to modify your build will be removed and will prioritize those you are currently using. Once you have nine gadgets and schematics, those drops will go into random classes. The loot you get from bosses or world chests, however, is more random. But just know that when you go to a lair with an X reward, you will get that reward for those heroes, unless you have already found all of their stuff.

8. A sought after “six star” level is the best way to farm XP / loot / currency.

It took me until the end of the game to realize that the best way to level up my heroes and drown in money and loot was to just go to the world at GTA and go. start shooting. In this game you have a “desired level” like in most open world games, but there is a twist. Waves and waves of enemies will come, and once you reach “max” level you will be fighting a relatively tough super boss robot, where if you kill him all your wanted level will be reset. He is a very intelligent mechanic, and who is crazy rewarding, as the boss drops everything from blueprints to upgrade hearts, and his minions will give you plenty of XP and money. In my experience, the best person to have on your team for this was Joule. Her turret will shred enemies in open spaces when you have almost nothing to do, and her ultimate returns incredibly often for extra damage. She’s not good at missions in tight spaces, but cultivating the open world is a dream.


9. I only used one piece of Gremlin Tech during the entire game.

There’s something like two dozen pieces of “Gremlin Tech,” an L1-mapped ability that spans all characters and can do anything from powering you up while crippling enemies to destroying the entire map. with an air strike call. The point is, once you’ve unlocked “Mulligan,” which automatically revives your team on death every two minutes, there’s no reason to use anything else, and I never did. Your standard abilities do enough damage to take out anything you want, but having Mulligan as your back-up plan means failure is nearly impossible. It’s essentially an extra life for your entire team and relatively inexpensive to manufacture. I’m not even sure it should to be in the game, but don’t leave the house without it.

10. Don’t accumulate upgrade cores

If you’re like me, you might be a currency collector of sorts, and nothing seems more valuable in Agents of chaos Than to upgrade hearts, which unlock special abilities for the heroes. While I was reluctant to use them at first, I quickly realized that I shouldn’t be. Yes, unlock the abilities of your favorite heroes first, but then what? Become crazy. At the end of the game you will get 2 Upgrade Cores after almost every activity, you will find entire ones in loot boxes and you will have a bunch of shards scattered all over the world. I probably had over 100 in reserve when I stopped playing, and it was after unlock everyone’s perks and level up six champions with ten hearts each (what you use hearts for once you hit max level 20). Believe me, you’ll end up drowning in it.

That’s all I have for now. Grabuge is a fun and flawed game, but I hope this tip helps if you decide to pick it up.

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