The website detailing the underground tunnels of the US Capitol saw a “significant increase” in traffic before the insurgency


(NEXSTAR) – A website detailing Washington DC’s underground passage infrastructure suddenly became very popular before the Capitol uprising on January 6.

Elliot Carter, the DC history enthusiast and writer who operates the site, recently told NBC4 Washington that traffic to started to increase on New Years Day after anonymous forum users started sharing. the link between them.

Carter warned the FBI out of concern, he said, after tracing some of the traffic to forums named for militias, weapons or Donald Trump., meanwhile, does not contain any information or maps that are not available to the public elsewhere, or already posted on government-run websites. But the FBI took Carter’s advice quite seriously, as evidenced by a Senate report released in the spring regarding the events of January 6.

According to the report, Deputy Chief Sean Gallagher of the United States Capitol Police Protective Services Office had confirmed that he had been made aware of a “significant increase” in website traffic, via the Center. National FBI Threat Operations.

The report also noted that an online forum driving traffic to Carter’s site “was promoting photos of the tunnel system and declaring their goal of finding Democratic members early to prevent them from entering the Capitol.” according to advice received by the FBI.

A representative of the United States Capitol Police, however, said the USCP and other law enforcement officials were already planning to step up security at the Capitol after receiving several advice – not just that of Carter. – as well as reports from federal intelligence experts.

Despite the reports, the USCP maintains that its intelligence did not indicate a planned “full-scale attack” on the Capitol.

“A law enforcement source alerted the United States Capitol Police Department to increased traffic to the map website,” United States Capitol Police wrote in a report. communicated. “Prior to January 6, the USCP knew that Congress and the Capitol grounds were going to be at the center of a large protest attracting various groups, some of which encouraged violence. On the basis of this information, the Ministry improved its level of security. What intelligence did not reveal was that the large-scale protest would turn into a full-scale attack on Capitol Hill as there was no specific and credible intelligence on such an attack. The USCP consumes information from each federal agency. At no time before January 6 did he receive actionable intelligence of a large-scale attack. “

Carter told NBC4 that he temporarily removed his website from the internet after the insurgency, although it is currently back online.

“Given their importance in daily life in the nation’s capital, it’s surprising that the full picture of the various tunnels in Washington is still unpainted,” he explains on his personal website. “I am currently working to fill this gap. “

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