US legal website reports surge in web traffic after Tinubu money laundering file uploaded


The LEGAL website,, said in a tweet on Tuesday that traffic to its website saw a surge after it posted files on Bola Tinubu’s drug money confiscation records.

The website had posted case files of drug money confiscation of All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate Tinubu in the United States (US) last week.

The files were first uploaded for public viewing in 1993, until they were recently inundated on social media.


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In its tweet, announced that increased traffic to its site from visitors was drawn to Tinubu’s money laundering records, which overshadowed interest in the Elon Musk lawsuit.

However, CIRI could not independently verify the claims, but verifications reveal that it had a total of 63,222 views as of July 19. is a website that publishes court documents and thus makes it easier to find the criminal records of individuals.

The website is managed by California-based software developer Aaron Greenspan.

In July 1993, when Tinubu briefly served as a senator, the U.S. government filed a forfeiture lawsuit in Chicago against bank accounts in his name.

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It was alleged that there was “probable cause” to believe they had the proceeds of the heroin trade.

The case followed an investigation by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and other agencies into a trafficking ring involving Nigerian vendors.

The IRS obtained warrants in January 1992 to seize nearly $2 million, according to court documents.

Tinubu settled out of court in September 1993, agreeing to hand over $460,000 to the U.S. government in exchange for releasing the rest of the money.

Tinubu has not been charged in this case.

There are over 14 million court records on PlainSite. Google adsense has revealed that the only case reportedly having an issue which is the first time since 2011 on its website involves Bola Tinubu.

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PlainSite uploaded files from Tinubu’s drug money confiscation case and in a very short time, which were falsely reported to Google by unknown individuals for “malicious software”, the website said.

Amos Abba is a journalist at the International Center for Investigative Reporting, ICIR, who believes that courageous investigative reporting is the key to social justice and accountability in society.


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