Why has the NHRC, led by Arun Mishra, remained silent on violence in Assam?


On September 24, Shiek Farid, 12, a boy in possession of his new Aadhar card and Mainul Haque, 35, were killed in police fire in the Darrang district of Assam.

These two victims and countless others were among many accused of being illegal immigrants encroaching on state lands in response to which open fire by police began.

The eviction also saw a state photographer hired by the district in question to document the eviction campaign. A video that went viral showed the photographer, Bijoy Bania attacks an already injured Mainul Haque who was one of the many injured in the shooting incident.

Assam Police note that the protesters launched an attack that led to the clash resulting in unconfirmed deaths and injuries, but protesters claim otherwise. In fact, it has been repeatedly reported that many people who were deported and rejected as illegal Bangladeshis, held valid Aadhaar cards and were registered in the National Registry of Citizens.

Speaking to Siasat.com, civil rights activist Teesta Setalvad noted that 95% of those deported were legal citizens. “Bengali-speaking Hindus with several years of residence live in Assam, as do 70 Lakh Muslims with a similar history in the state. Unfortunately, they were mistreated because they were suspected of being Bangladeshi and their human rights were violated.

The leader of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), Brinda Karat, however, points out that the expulsion was carried out specifically to target Muslims. Speaking about the eviction campaign that resulted in the death or eviction of the residents of Assam, Karat noted that “the eviction was unconstitutional and a gross violation of human rights and specifically targeted one community.” .

Inaction of the CNDH

The main point of contention at the moment is the inaction of the government and opposition leaders (in the Center or in Assam), is the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) considering intervening to rectify the situation? shoot ?

On September 26, the NHRC was already criticized by Trinamool Congressman and West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee for failing to intervene and assist those deported. “Where is the CNDH?” Did they come? If anything happens here, the NHRC is quickly dispatched to Bengal. she thundered.

Discuss the speech by NHRC President Arun Mishra at the 28e Founding day of the Commission, Karat argued that it was ridiculous to celebrate the central leadership given the expulsion campaign.

Arun Mishra had pointed out that “Interior Minister Amit Shah had ushered in a new era of peace in Kashmir and the North East”. Siding with the government at this point is particularly controversial given that the decision of the Bharatiya Janata party in Assam turned a blind eye to the expulsion.

A quick read by this reporter of the NHRC’s eviction website revealed two cases recorded in the complaints section of the site. One complaint, in particular, raised the issue of Mainul Haque and Shiek Farid, but the status of the case was “No action taken at this time”.

The complaint calling for an investigation into the murders of Mainul Haque and Sheikh Farid on the NHRC website.

Speaking to Siasat.com, NHRC Media and Communications Director, Jaimini Srivastava noted that he did not know the details of specific complaints and as such would not be able to comment on the role of the NHRC in the expulsion of Assam.

Given the lack of action by the NHRC, Arun Mishra’s very status as president is called into question, not least by the statements he has made recently. It’s also worth mentioning that Mishra was known to have ruled in favor of the BJP establishment during his tenure as a judge.

Where do we go from here?

Brinda Karat explained with this reporter how the situation is gradually becoming dire and the inaction of the NHRC is worrying. “The women I met in the village had no space to defecate because they found themselves homeless. As a result, they suffered from intestinal disturbances and furthermore, the evicted people used a cloth to filter the water and suffered from diarrhea because of it. Does the Commission care about all of this? She asked passionately.

As it stands, the situation is not yet over although the NHRC website states that it is “an embodiment of India’s concern for the promotion and protection of human rights. of man ”.

With the story of Assam’s flooding and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, those evicted continue to lead precarious lives even as Arun Mishra and Prime Minister Narendra Modi continue to discuss’ welfare in the North-East ”.


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