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With the rise in interbank interest rates, the interest rates on mortgages payable on the full amount after an existing sale and purchase will increase. This can be up to $ 7-10 million depending on the type of loan, compared to repaying the full amount.

Statistics on Good Lender and Good Finance warn against this.

Repayment tranche


The increase in the level of Good Finance raises the repayment tranche of 3-12 month floating rate mortgages. This growth is also affecting the housing market, as 40% of home purchases have been borrowed!

For floating rate loans, a further increase in interest rates is expected, so the total amount paid will also increase.

The situation is different with the repayment details of fixed-rate loans, that is, fixed-term loans.

We do not need to fear an increase in interest rates on these home loans.

In the opinion of the credit expert:


“Interbank interest rates have only risen slightly, by 0.23-0.47 percentage points, but may continue to rise.”

Expensive – 3-12 month variable rate home loans,

“Because it seems that the US has already begun a cycle of interest rate hikes and the European Central Bank has signaled that it will adopt a tighter monetary policy in the future.”

This option is conceivable at short-term interbank interest rates of 3 to 12 months, so interest rates on home loans will also increase, ”we learned from the expert.

Floating rate loans can now increase significantly!


  • For a $ 30 million real estate purchase, a 20-year $ 10 million loan is currently available at a variable interest rate of 2.1%.
  • With these schemes, if the interest rate remained unchanged, a total of HUF 12.2 million would have to be repaid, but it is certain that there will be a change, which could increase the amount to be repaid to HUF 17.2-20 million, 7-8% interest while rising.

Residential mortgages that have been fixed for the entire duration of the loan will withstand this huge increase.

Residential mortgages that have been fixed for the entire duration of the loan will withstand this huge increase.

  • Based on the above example, the most favorable ones are available at interest rates below 6% and the total repayment amount is guaranteed to be HUF 16.6 million.

An increase in interest of $ 10 million may also result

According to Sean Cole, a leading financial expert at Good Lender:

  • “Rising interest rates can significantly increase the price of homes even years after the sale. If you have to pay a total of $ 32.2 million over the 20 years for a $ 30 million real estate purchase, if you purchased a $ 10 million floating rate loan.
  • Thus, the interest rate for the entire term of the loan will increase from the current 2.1 per cent to 7-8 per cent, then the total cost of housing will increase from HUF 32.2 million to HUF 37.2-40 million.
  • But those who fix their interest and installments for the entire term are guaranteed only $ 36.6 million for the same property over 20 years. ”

The expert recalls the summer of 10 years ago, when the record low forint / euro exchange rate increased significantly, which caused the problem of increasing the repayment installment of foreign currency loans.

In the future, long-term fixed mortgage loans such as rating systems designed for consumer-friendly qualifying home loans will increasingly take the lead in the market, which credit experts expect.

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